Diamond Sorting Milk Can

Diamond Sorting Equipment

We design and manufacture a full range of high security glove boxes, infrared driers and milk cans that can be customised according to our client’s individual requirements.

BMSC Engineering glove box and infrared drier systems are all hands off and automated -from the X-ray machine to the safe and tailings conveyor.

We are proud to have designed the keyless security milk cans. They only open once docked on to a specially designed docking station and cannot be removed from the docking station in an open position. This allows for safe transport and storage of diamonds.All our diamond sorting equipment is made as per the Kimberley Process.

  • Sorting Glove Boxes
  • Milk Canisters
  • Perm Rolls
  • Sorting Gloves
  • Security Dock Locking Systems
  • Wet Drum Separators
  • Infra-Red Driers