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Installation, Service, Maintenance, Validation and Calibration of Production Line Equipment for Sorting, Quality Control and Packaging machines.

As Production Line Equipment Expert, particularly in the field of Sorting, Quality Control and Automation, we offer a range of auxiliary services to compliment our product offering.

Custom Fabrication

Optimise and Configure your Production Lines with our Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication and Engineering service to the highest food grade and pharmaceutical sanitary standards. Providing full turnkey solutions and designs.

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Metal Detector and X‑Ray Calibration

Ensure your Metal Detecting and  X-Ray Equipment is operating within the manufacturers parameters and working to its full capacity. We provide onsite calibration and validation which is done by factory trained technicians and issue you with HACCP complainant certificates. We also do CCP and Validation reports as well as supply lab certified Test pieces.

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Magnetic Validations

Understand the Status of your Magnets and the accuracy of the separation efficiency. Validating that your magnets are the right strength, installed in the correct position in order to achieve the best separation and removal of ferrous metal contamination. We provide onsite validations with certified Gauss meters and issue you with HACCP complainant certificates

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Our BMSC Team can install your equipment and machinery to specification, ensuring a smooth onboarding and commissioning process.

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